FIELD TRIPS Tampa Electric is graciously offering us the opportunity to visit either The Clean Energy Center or the Big Bend Power Plant’s Modernization facilities. 

There is no additional fee and the trips are scheduled for July 26th and are part of the conference and all attendees are eligible to participate.

Continental breakfast will be available at 7:30 a.m.; and the buses will leave at 8 a.m. and go to each of the two facilities. After the tour the buses will go to Tampa International Airport to drop off those returning home that day.

You must sign up for the trip before July 15th to ensure that we have the appropriate transportation for each Field Trip.

The Clean Energy Center has the following R&D features:

Various forms of solar panels: flexible rooftop, solar flower, solar tables, floating solar -Avalon AFB3 10 kW / 40 kWh Flow Battery

New 50 KW Supercapacitor

1MW(AC) Floating solar demonstration with 2 types of panels (Canadian bifacial and First Solar Series 6) – largest floating solar plant in FL

– 1 MW Agrivolataic demonstration project (solar installation complete, agriculture part now in development)

Verticle-axis wind turbine

– The initial stages of designing a commercial microgrid incorporating the clean energy components on site

Big Bend Modernization is coming on line and represents a repowering of a 1970’s era coal boiler to state-of-the art Natural Gas Combined cycle using GE H-class combustion turbines.