Monday Morning, June 12, 2017

9:00 a.m. – Opening Ceremonies – Palm/Bay Rooms

Call to Order: Barbara A. Sakkestad, President, Clearwater Clean Energy Conference

Welcome & Overview: Dr. Lawrence E. Bool, Corporate Fellow, Praxair, Inc., Co-chair, Clearwater Clean Energy Conference

Presentation by Prof. Ashwani Gupta, University of Maryland, of the ASME Percy Nicholls Award to Prof. Rajender Gupta, Professor of Chemical & Materials Engineering, University of Alberta, Canada

Keynote Address: Energy for the 21st Century – The Challenges and Issues Faced by a Large Energy Consumer, Dante Bonaquist, Senior Corporate Fellow, Praxair, Inc.

Panel: • International Collaboration on Fossil Fueled CCS Projects

Shannon Angielski, Executive Director, CURC

  • Bill Follett, Gas Technology Institute
  • Scott Smouse, U.S. Department of Energy