Tampa Electric is graciously offering us the opportunity to visit the following facilities. 

The Clean Energy Center has the following R&D features:

Various forms of solar panels: flexible rooftop, solar flower, solar tables, floating solar -Avalon AFB3 10 kW / 40 kWh Flow Battery

New 50 KW Supercapacitor

1MW(AC) Floating solar demonstration with 2 types of panels (Canadian bifacial and First Solar Series 6) – largest floating solar plant in FL

– 1 MW Agrivolataic demonstration project (solar installation complete, agriculture part now in development)

Verticle-axis wind turbine

– The initial stages of designing a commercial microgrid incorporating the clean energy components on site

-As well as hiking trails/wildlife viewing tower, kayak trails (possible guided tours), Florida Aquarium Sea Turtle rescue & internationally renowned coral research, Florida Fish & Wildlife Suncoast Youth Conservation Center & Marine Fish Enhancement Center (fish hatchery under construction)

Big Bend Modernization is coming on line and represents a repowering of a 1970’s era coal boiler to state-of-the art Natural Gas Combined cycle using GE H-class combustion turbines

Southshore Bay microgrid is a R&D using residential rooftop, battery storage, DC distribution system, and a central energy station (generators & larger batteries) to provide reliable, always-on electricity