Speakers at the 2024 Clearwater Clean Energy Conference

The Conference organizers plan to have a Special issue of International Journal of Energy for a Clean Environment (IJECE) after peer review of the papers. All authors are welcome to submit their manuscript for journal publication.

Instructions for submission of papers are below.

For any further query, please contact, Dr. Ashwani Gupta, at:


Submission of your article to IJECE special issue: 2024 Clearwater Clean Energy

Below are complete instructions for authors to submit to the special issue. In addition, we have these two articles to assist you:

IJECE Author Instructions Rev 6-1-23

Special Issue Instructions IJECE – 2023 Clearwater Clean Energy

In order to process your article, you will first need to register or log in on the Begell House Submission system as an author. To register or log in, please go to the following link:

If you have never submitted an article before, you will need to click the “Register” link and fill out the registration form. On the form, be sure to click the circle next to “Submission authors.” Please also enter your complete first and last name; registrations with incomplete names will be rejected. You will receive a verification email and will be able to log onto the submission system normally.

Once you are logged in, you will be brought to the “Author’s Home” page. If any articles need your attention, they will be listed here.

To submit an article, click on the green “Submit an article” button. This will bring you to a screen where you can select the journal to which you would like to submit (pick International Journal of Energy for a Clean Environment), as well as enter the title, key words and abstract of the article. You will also have the option on this screen to select one of the open access models or the free subscription model. More information about our open access policies can be found at When you have entered this information, click “Next.”

If you have chosen one of the open access options, you will need to fill out and upload the open access agreement form. If you choose the Gold Open Access option, you will additionally need to make an online payment. The price varies for each journal.

On the next screen, you will be asked to enter the information for the authors of this article. Please be sure to enter the information accurately, as this information will automatically appear on the “forthcoming articles” page later in the production process. When you have entered this information, click “Next.”

Your article has been created, but is currently in the DRAFT stage. You will see a screen with several tabs, including one marked “Files.” This screen contains a button that says “Add files.” If you click on that, you can select your article files and upload them to the site. Once you select your files, you will see them appear in the files list, with two new buttons to the right that say “Start” and “Cancel.” Press “Start” to upload the files.

While your article is in DRAFT, no one else will see it or do anything with it. In order to move it forward, you will need to click on the “Main” tab. There you will see options that include “Submit” and “Submit to Special Issue.” If you click “Submit to Special Issue,” you will be brought to a new screen with a drop-down list that will allow you to select the available special issues. Choose the issue marked “Special Issue: 2022 Clearwater Clean Energy.”


This is being done under the guidance of Ashwani K. Gupta, Distinguished University Professor, University of Maryland, Department of Mechanical Engineering;