Call for Papers

The 43rd International Technical Conference
on Clean Energy

June 3 to 7, 2018   Sheraton Sand Key   Clearwater, Florida, USA

Program Announcement for the 2018 Clearwater Clean Energy Conference  Clearwater Program Announcement 2018

  2018 Call for Papers
It is not too late to submit an abstract.  Currently, there are 152 papers in the technical sessions.  However, these are the sessions where we need papers:

Oxy-Combustion I, Dr. Klas Andersson (Chalmers University, Sweden) and Dr. Andrew Fry, Brigham Young University — 1 opening

Biomass To Fuel, Prof. Viktor SchererRuhr-Universität Bochum, Germany  — 1 opening

2018 Call for Papers

    • To see the Agenda of the Technical Sessions, Short Courses and Panels (some of which are still a work in progress) just click here  2018 Clearwater Clean Energy Conference Agenda
      It is not too late to submit an abstract.  Please get something to us as quickly as possible to see if we have an opening on the Program.  Act quickly.
      If You Want To Learn More About Innovations That Are Meeting The Challenges to Energy Utilization From The World’s Key Planners, Leading Experts and “Super Scientists” In The Most Comprehensive Program on Energy Technologies With Representatives From Six Continents And You Want To Know About What Is Happening and What Will Happen, This Is The Conference To Attend.