45th International Technical Conference on Clean Energy

July 26 to 29, 2021

Sheraton Sand Key – Clearwater, Florida, USA

These are the instructions for our technical session presenters to participate in the Clearwater Clean Energy Conference.  These Guidelines will assist you in preparing your oral presentations either live or recorded.  Even if you will present live, we are asking for a .pdf recording should technical problems arise.  We don’t anticipate this; but we want to be prepared for any eventuality.  Please refer to the abridged version of the Guidelines: Virtual Presentation Guidelines – July 2021

When recording or speaking live, be in a room that is quiet without any distracting noises.  Be certain that your equipment is functioning.

Instructions for Speakers

You should do the entire presentation live from your computer.  This gives you maximum control.  We will be using the Cisco Webex platform for this year’s conference.  We want a recording “just in case.”  That is why we are collecting backup files of presentations, which should be submitted in the PDF format.  Many of you may have already given talks on this platform, but here are a few notes and guidelines:

  • Be prepared to do your presentation from your own computer.
  • You will be sent a Panelist link to connect to your webex session.  Once in the Panelist section, you will have the ability to unmute and mute your audio.  The Host (a member of the conference staff) will also have this ability.
  • When it is time for your presentation, the Host will make you the presenter – give you the Webex ball that designates you as the speaker.  This will be done as you are being introduced.  Your paper is allotted exactly 15 minutes. The week prior to the conference we will have a practice session with the moderator to work out any kinks or difficulties.  We want all sessions to run “smooth as silk.” We will notifiy you as to the date and time.
  • Once you have presentation rights, you can share from your computer.  If there is a problem, we can share the PDF file that you provided to us.  You will have the ability to advance the slides.
  • There will be opportunities to test for your presentation – A dry run for your session, in the week before the conference, and before your session begins.

Another alternative:  We will offer your submission in your session at the time of your presentation.  Please use your in-house facilities to make the recording, and submit to us in the MP4 format.  Many of our speakers are in Australia, China, Sweden, UK, etc. and the time difference isn’t workable.  To accommodate these speakers we are offering this option.

Questions & Answers  Questions will be submitted on the screen and through the moderator.  Questions will be entertained at the conclusion of the last paper in the session.  You and the attendees have the phone and email addresses, and you can continue that way.


Submit your presentation in PDF format by July 22nd.  Send these to Mike Antkowski include the session in which you are speaking.

(The PDF will be a backup file that we can use for your presentation if needed.)


Use the Panelist link; which we will supply to you at a later date.

Close all other applications and do not use virtual backgrounds (these interfere with the visual and audio of the presentation);

Arrive early to test your audio and presentation;

Problems or questions:  contact Barbara Sakkestad at or call 240-751-0900; or Mike Antkowski or 412-606-2604


 Manuscripts are required immediately.  The Proceedings will be sent to all attendees prior to the conference so that all attendees may reference the full paper.

The following items should be considered as you prepare your manuscript:

Format – Your abstract, 12 pages in length, must be submitted to fit standard U.S. paper size (8½ x 11 inches).  Allow at least a 1″ margin at the bottom of each page.  The manuscript will be emailed to  Do not include page numbers in the manuscript.

 Journal Publication

This is being done under the guidance of Ashwani K. Gupta, Distinguished University Professor, University of Maryland, Department of Mechanical Engineering;

Complete details are on the website under Journal Publication.

The registration fee covers one Proceedings, Official Program, and Attendees’ list.  Each attendee will have access to Short Courses, Panels and Technical Sessions through the service provider that we select.  Attendees will be given an access code to the conference which makes all events accessible.

Call with credit card information; there is no need for speakers to fill out a form.  You should email your information to; or call 240-751-0900

We reserve the right to modify the Conference Program at any time.  With the exception of speakers, refunds minus the $25 handling fee will be made when requested in writing before July 3, 2021.