Instructions for Conference Speakers
2018 Clearwater Clean Energy Conference

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The Conference Committee’s goal is to offer a comprehensive and informative program on coal utilization and fuel systems and, therefore, has set high standards for speakers, so that the conference will maintain its reputation as the premier vehicle for presenting the latest technological developments in improving and enhancing the utilization of coal by industrial and utility users.

The Committee requires that the materials offered by speakers are presented in the most effective way; and these Guidelines have been prepared to assist speakers in preparing their formal papers and oral presentations. All technical papers will be included in the Proceedings. It is important the speakers adhere to the timetable that has been set in order that conference materials may be prepared and available when needed.

CONFERENCE DRESS: Conference dress is business casual, i.e., no jackets and no ties. This is for all attendees: speakers, session chairs, and panel and tutorial chairs. With such a long day and intensive schedule, we want our attendees to be as comfortable as possible.

Prior to February 15th – The Speaker Registration Fee of $795 must be received.
The Sheraton Sand Key (727/595-1611) must be contacted for room reservations.

April 16, 2018 – An original manuscript must be submitted via email to CTA. Email submissions are required. Files should be transmitted in .pdf format (using Adobe). Our goal is to reproduce the Proceedings from the electronic files and eliminate the need to scan the papers. Sulbmit your manuscript to Barbara Sakkestad (

Proceedings will be distributed at the conference on June 3rd. The following items should be considered as you prepare your manuscript:

Your paper — submitted electronically in .pdf format will be reproduced exactly as submitted.

Length of Paper – Your manuscript, including illustrations, may not exceed 12 single-spaced pages. If you elect to exceed the 12-page limitation, there is a $100/page charge. Manuscripts should be accompanied by checks covering the appropriate amount which is determined by multiplying pages 13 and above by $100. Illustrations are included in the 12-page allotment.

Manuscript Format – Your paper must be submitted to fit standard U.S. paper size (8½ x 11 inches). Allow at least a 1″ margin at the bottom of each page.

Authors With More Than One Paper — The registration fee covers one technical paper; authors submitting more than one paper must include an additional $100 per paper.

There is a $20 per page charge for each page that must be edited. There is a $25 charge for resubmission of papers. Please proofread and obtain approvals before submission. Each time the paper is resubmitted it is subject to a $25 charge.

Email submission — If you are presenting more than one paper, each paper should be sent individually and the title of the paper should be noted in your email. Eliminate page numbers, logos or any other extraneous material included on the manuscript page.

And try to eliminate use of unusual font types or those created specifically for you. We had numerous problems with papers being unprintable or readable because fonts could not be identified or read by the printer.

Major headings are to be indicated by ALL CAPS; Sub-headings are to be indicated by Initial Caps.

Title – Do not type a separate title page for your paper. Center and type the paper title along with the name(s), title(s), and affiliation of the author(s) at the top of the first page of the manuscript.

Proofreading – CTA will not edit or proofread your manuscript so be sure that you are comfortable with both the content and accuracy of the copy before submitting it to us. Your paper will be reproduced directly from the electronic file (.pdf) that you submit to us.


Check in at the Speakers’ Desk so your materials will be in the room at the time of your presentation. There is someone at the desk from 7:30 a.m. on and you should submit your visual materials so they are loaded on the computers. And please keep in mind that the official conference dress is casual, i.e., no jackets and no ties. This applies to speakers, session chairs and panel and tutorial chairs.

Your presentation is 20 minutes.  You will be interrupted if you go over your allotted time. We will strictly enforce the time restrictions. Do not go over your your allotted time. The AV technicians will now be in charge of the clock and will vigilantly monitor the time.  As soon as the speaker has gone over his time, the mic and screen will be turned off.  Your full paper will be published in the Proceedings of the conference; therefore, you should summarize the highlights for your oral presentation.   If your answer requires a long explanation, ask the questioner to meet you outside the room and have your discussion there.

You should sit in the front row of the session room.  Check in with the session moderator so he knows that you are there.

Questions & Answers – Speakers should use some of their presentation time for questions.  Anticipate questions that may be asked – and answer them in advance as part of your presentation; in other words, include in your oral presentation those points that would be of most interest to the immediate audience.  Be respectful of other speakers; if you take issue with a presentation, talk to the speaker outside and not in this part of the conference.

When a question is asked, if the answer will be found in the published version of your paper, please indicate that so you can keep your on-the-spot answers as brief as possible. Some questions may be best answered after the session, on an individual basis.

Try to anticipate questions that may be asked – and answer them in advance as part of your presentation; in other words, include in your oral presentation those points that would be of most interest to the immediate audience. When a question is asked, if the answer will be found in the published version of your paper, please indicate that so you can keep your on-the-spot answers as brief as possible. Some questions may be best answered after the session, on an individual basis.


Each session room will be equipped with the following standard equipment:

  • Lavelier microphone
  • Laser pointers
  • Laptop computer
  • Podium
  • Screen
  • LCD projector
  • Light timers

There is a lavelier mic on the podium which you should secure to your lapel. You need to wear this because when you speak and turn to the screen it makes it so much easier for the audience to hear everything. In addition, there is also a laser pointer on the podium.

 There will be an AV technician in all of the session rooms. If any problems arise, just get in touch with the technician or come to the Conference Desk immediately. The AV technicians will now be in charge of the clock and will enforce the time restrictions vigilantly.  The pics and screens will be turned off if and when a speaker violates the time allotted.

Prepare visuals for Power Point projection. Your materials should be submitted on a thumb drive. Your materials will be accepted at the Registration Desk when you check in. 
 Avoid complicated visuals that require long reading time by the audience. Try to make your visuals attractive to view and easy to grasp. Remember that you are speaking in a large room with possibly hundreds of people. The person in the last row should be able to read your charts or graphs just as easily as some one in the front row. What might be acceptable to you as you sit at your desk, might not work as part of a presentation in a large room. Please be considerate of the attendees as you prepare your visual materials for presentation. Detailed illustrative material is not suitable for your oral presentation

Additional equipment may be ordered at the speaker’s expense (TV/VCR); or you may bring your own equipment with you.

Speakers must remit their reduced conference fee of $795, before February 15th. After that, the regular conference rates are in effect, and late papers will be scheduled on the program, possibly resulting in the elimination of papers from speakers not remitting the registration fee by the deadline. Manuscripts will not be published if the registration fee is unpaid.

There are no refunds for speakers after the Conference Program is announced.

The conference fee covers all conference activities: all continental breakfasts; all lunches; evening parties; all breaks; and participation in all tutorials, panels and technical sessions, plus, the conference materials distributed at the conference. There is a nominal fee for those participating in the field trip to the Polk Power Plant.

Reservations should be made by February 28th at the Sheraton Sand Key ($189/night), the host property. Call 727/595-1611; FAX 727/596-8488; web:; or email:

Please keep in mind that changes may be made at any time; but you cannot make a reservation in a hotel that is completely booked.

SPEAKER REGISTRATION FORM — (Return with payment) – or call with credit card information to avoid filling out the form

$795 Now to February 15th
$850 February 16th to April 30th
$895 May 1st to May 31st
$995 June 1 to the conference.
$395 Full Time Students to May 1st — $495 May 2nd to Conference

43rd International Technical Conference on Clean Energy
June 3 to 7, 2018
Sheraton Sand Key
Clearwater, Florida, USA

First Name for Badge_________________
Registration Fee: $___________
Spouse’s Fee: $150.00

Spouse’s Name_______________________



The registration fee covers one Proceedings, all conference events (Sunday through Thursday), the Exhibit Center, 4 luncheons, evening events, all breaks, all Continental breakfasts, and all conference materials.

Method of Payment; Check One:
Check enclosed (payable to CTA; remit to Post Office Box 1130, Louisa, VA 23093; or

 VISA No.______________________

 MasterCard No.________________

 American Express No. ________________________________

 Discover No. ________________________________

Card Expiration Date: ________________________________


Send information about the Exhibit Center.

Spouses Registration With so much to see and do in the Clearwater area; we don’t plan specific activities for spouses. However, the $150 fee covers the Welcome Party, four luncheons, beach party, Continental breakfasts and all refreshment breaks. Keep in mind, the on-site spouse’s registration is $175.

Student Registration To encourage participation by full-time students currently enrolled in a college or university, the Conference Committee is offering a registration fee of $395.

Cancellations received in writing by May 5th will be refunded in full, less a $25 administrative charge. Cancellations received after this date will not be refunded. Substitutions are welcome at any time. Fees paid by speakers are not eligible for refunds.

You may email your information to; call 540/603-2022 or 240-751-0900 and we’ll register you over the phone; or mail the form along with your check to CTA.
CTA reserves the right to modify the Conference Program at any time

The Clearwater Clean Energy Conference
Barbara Sakkestad
Post Office Box 1130
Louisa, VA 23093
540/603-2022 or 240/751-0900