Instructions for Technical Session Conference Speakers
July 26 to 29, 2021
Clearwater Clean Energy Conference


The Conference Committee appreciates your patience and support of our annual conference in these very uncertain times.  We believed that it was necessary to change the conference dates in the hope that we could all be together in Clearwater in July.

Because of the uncertainty we decided to offer all sessions (technical, short courses, panels and plenaries) virtually.  But we are hopeful that some of our speakers will be with us and offer their paper from Clearwater.  Even speakers in Clearwater will follow the virtual guidelines.

As always, the committee’s goal is to offer a comprehensive and informative program on fuel utilization and fuel systems and, therefore, has set high standards for speakers, so that the conference will maintain its reputation as the premier vehicle for presenting the latest technological developments in improving and enhancing the utilization of various types of energy by industrial and utility users.

The Committee requires that conference materials are presented in the most effective way; these Guidelines will assist speakers in preparing their formal papers and oral presentations.

It is important the speakers adhere to the timetable that has been set in order that conference materials may be prepared and available when needed.


 The Speaker Registration Fee of $500 must be remitted immediately.

Manuscripts must be submitted by May 15, 2021.


 Manuscripts are required by June 15thThe Proceedings will be sent to all attendees prior to the conference so that all attendees may reference the full paper.

The following items should be considered as you prepare your manuscript:

Format – Your abstract, 12 pages in length, must be submitted to fit standard U.S. paper size (8½ x 11 inches).  Allow at least a 1″ margin at the bottom of each page.  The manuscript will be emailed to  Do not include page numbers in the manuscript.



Your paper is allotted exactly 15 minutes.

We require that you submit your presentation to us prior to the conference.  If technical difficulties arise, we would have your presentation loaded into the computer for presentation to all attendees.

Make your visuals attractive to view and easy to grasp. Complicated tables in small type are difficult to read on a screen.  Please be considerate of the attendees as you prepare your visual materials for presentation. Detailed illustrative material is not suitable for your oral presentation.  You may also want to reference the paper in the Proceedings.

The week prior to the conference we will have a practice session with the moderator to work out any kinks or difficulties.  We want all sessions to run “smooth as silk.” We will notifiy you as to the date and time.

You have 15 minutes for the presentation, then there will be no questions until all papers in that session have been given.  You must not go over your allotted time or the presentation will be muted.

We realize that this is harsh, but you must keep in mind that we are dealing with hundreds of speakers and attendees from all over the world who are logging in to particular papers.  Keeping to the schedule is key to the success of the program, for you and all of the other speakers.

Questions & Answers

Questions will be submitted on the screen and through the moderator.  Questions will be entertained at the conclusion of the last paper in the session.  You and the attendees have the phone and email addresses, and you can continue that way.
Journal Publication

This is being done under the guidance of Ashwani K. Gupta, Distinguished University Professor, University of Maryland, Department of Mechanical Engineering;

Complete details are on the website under Journal Publication.

The registration fee covers one Proceedings, Official Program, and Attendees’ list.  Each attendee will have access to Short Courses, Panels and Technical Sessions through the service provider that we select.  Attendees will be given an access code to the conference which makes all events accessible.

Call with credit card information; there is no need for speakers to fill out a form.  You should email your information to; or call 240-751-0900

We reserve the right to modify the Conference Program at any time.  With the exception of speakers, refunds minus the $25 handling fee will be made when requested in writing before July 3, 2021.


$500 Now to June 22, 2021

$700 June 23 to July 5, 2021

$800 July 6th to the conference.

$300 Full Time Students


First Name for Badge










Registration Fee:                 $______________

TOTAL:                  $____________________

 Method of Payment:

 Check enclosed (payable to CTA); remit to

Post Office Box 1130

Louisa, VA  23093; or

 We accept:

 Credit Card No.



Card Expiration Date:




The Clearwater Clean Energy Conference

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