One of the highlights of the Clearwater Clean Energy Conference is the Themed Luncheon where industry leaders host tables on particular topics of interest to the attendees.  This gives attendees a unique opportunity to get answer to questions and have a chance to discuss important energy issues with the experts and your colleagues.  The lunch takes place on Wednesday, June 19th.

If you have a topic and would like to host a table, pleases send your suggestion and it will be submitted it to the Conference Committee.

If you don’t want to participate at a hosted table, we will have many open tables available.

When you check in at the Conference Desk in Clearwater you will select the table of  your choice.

This year’s hosts so far are:

  • Energy From Wastes and Biomass, Alan Paschedag, Covanta, Inc.
  • Biomass Utilization, Les Marshall, Ontario Power Generation, Canada
  • Modular Energy Systems, Massood Ramezan, KeyLogic LLC
  • Advanced Cycles for Power Generation, Horst Hack, Electric Power Research Institute
  • Combustion and Low NOx Burners, J.J. Letcavits, AEP
  • sCO2,Josh Stanislowski, Energy & Environmental Research Center, University of North Dakota