JOURNAL PUBLICATION for Speakes at the 2021 Clearwater Clean Energy Conference

A Special issue for papers submitted and published from the 2021 Clearwater Clean Energy Conference is planned for publication late 2021in an issue of Special Issue of International. Journal of Energy for a Clean Environment (IJECE).

As soon as the website is available, all speakers will be notified to submit their draft papers at the IJECE website in the desired format using the pulldown menu for the special issue “2021 Clearwater Clean Energy” when submitting.

This year we plan again on the publication of a special issue of ASME Journal of Energy Resources Technology (JERT), in July 2022. Prospective authors should plan for their paper submission for journal publication.  This is being done under the guidance of Ashwani K. Gupta, Distinguished University Professor, University of Maryland, Department of Mechanical Engineering;